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Pixie – Portable Color Picker

Nattyware Pixie is a Free Portable Color Picker. Pixie can be used to display the HEX, HTML, RGB, CMYK, and HSV values of any pixel color presented on your screen. Once Pixie is running, simply drag your mouse pointer over the selected area and the details of the color at that pixel are displayed.  The colors can then be reproduced and used in your favorite color editor.

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CatchColor – Reveal the Hex Value of any Pixel

CatchColor is a handy little FREE portable application that can reveal the Hex value of any pixle displayed on your screen. Once the Hex value of the color you have selected is revealed, you can import or copy the Hex value to another applications or attribute it directly into code such as html. CatchColor is perfect for those that dabble with graphical art work or Website design and need to be able to color match parts of their work.

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