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MozBackup – Portable Firefox and Thunderbird Backup Tool

MozBackup is a Free tool that can be used to backup Firefox and Thunderbird profiles. It allows a user to backup and restore bookmarks, contacts, e-mail, history, addons and extensions, cache and much more. MozBackup also allows a user to restore these profile backups. This backup tool makes it easy to move your Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird Porfiles and related information across multiple PC’s. This application requires roughly 1.26MB of free space for completely portable stand alone installation.

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Thunderbird Portable Email Client

Thunderbird Portable is a free Open Source portable email client application that allows you to take all of your saved email and contacts with you wherever you go. It can be run from a USB flash pen drive or any other portable media. Thunderbird Portable is based on Mozilla Thunderbird and makes for a great email solution for anyone who is constantly on the move.

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