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Marxio Timer – Scheduled Tasks

Marxio Timer is a powerful portable Macro program that can be used to launch Scheduled Tasks. Tasks such as turn off or restart computer, logout user or lock workstation, hibernate or suspend computer, display text or play sound, run or close a program or process, send or press selected key combination (Macro), click mouse at selected coordinates, take desktop screenshot and much more.

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gMote – Mouse Gestures

gMote is a Free Macro tool that enables a user to control their computer using Mouse Gestures. The scribbles you create with your mouse become shortcuts to frequently performed tasks. Once a mouse gesture has been created, you can perform the specific task by scribbling the gesture with your mouse on screen. For example gMote gestures might be used to Start Programs, Visit Web Sites, Launch Media Player, Check Email, Restart your Computer… the list is endless. gMote can do anything your keyboard can.

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