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Check Folder Sizes – FolderSize

Display Folder Sizes

FolderSize is a Free Folder Size Calculating Tool created by Jan Horn. It can check the size of all folders on a select drive, making it easy to Find the largest files or folders and figure out which are consuming the most space. Options include; ability to select a drive or folder hierarchy to scan,  set size to appear to left or right, set size parameters to use for colored folder icons.

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TreeSize Free – List Directories by Size

TreeSize Free - Sorting Largest Folders

TreeSize Free is a Size Organized Directory Tree Tool created by JAM Software. It can be used to figure out which folders and sub-folders are using the most space (find out what is taking up disk space), helping you find and reduce clutter on a drive. Additional options include the ability to expand to sub-folders, open in explorer, and drag and drop.

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