graphical user interface

Portable Qemu Manager

qemu manager

Qemu Manager is a nice and simple GUI manager for Qemu emulation. It makes it easy for the average computer user to administer and use Qemu. The nice Graphical User Interface included in the manager makes it easy to manage and create virtual machine images. This application can easily be run from a portable device …

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Power Defragmenter – Portable Defragmenter


Power Defragmenter is a graphical defragmenting tool that works in conjunction with Contig by Sysinternals. Contig is a powerful command line portable defragmentation application developed for Windows NT/2000/XP operating systems. Power Defragmenter compliments Contig by providing a GUI ” Graphical User Interface” wrapper for simplicity and ease of use. This portable defragmenter requires 616KB of …

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