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AssultCube Portable – Free First Person Shooter

AssultCube Portable is a Free Portable First Person Shooter Game.  Portable version of the popular free first person shooter game AssultCube (formerly called ActionCube) based on Cube. This action packed first person shooter game (FPS) can be played in either single player or multi player modes.  AssultCubes features very realistic graphics and superb game playing functionality. Moreover, networking code is super efficient making even playing multiplayer on a slow 56k connection possible.

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Alien Arena – Portable FPS Game

Alien Arena is a Free online FPS first person shooter game that can be run from a portable USB device. takes a few of the best aspects featured in such popular games as Quake III and Unreal Tournament and then further combines them with unique and original ideas. Based on a retro style Alien theme, Alien Arena is not only fun to play, it also contains that old school element that you just don’t find in most modern Deathmatch style games.

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