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Handy Encryption – Free File Encrypter

Handy Encryption - Free Portable File Encrypter

Handy Encryption is a Free File Encrypter offered by ApiMash of InstallWHAT. This Portable File Encrytion Software can be used to secure or prevent important files from being read or modified by using AES-256 bit + Password hashing encryption. Once a password is set, the data in the file can only be decrypted by entering the correct password via the same Handy Encryption Tool.

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Safe Calculator – Free File Encryption Software

Safe Calculator is a Free File Encryption Software that at first glance appears to be just another Calculator. However, hidden in this Calculator is a Safe that can Encrypt and completely Hide any file. The only way the Safe can be opened and the files viewed, decrypted or run is by entering the correct password in Encrypted “Safe” Mode. The default password is 123 and can be changed to any numeric combination.

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