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Rename Pictures by Date Taken – NameExif

NameExif - exif renamer

Namexif is a Freeware Portable picture renaming tool that can be used to automatically rename photos by the date the pictures were taken. Most digital cameras today store the date and time each photo was shot in the digital file’s Exif data. Namexif is able to rename these photos according to the date, making it easier to organize your photo albums.

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AmoK Exif Sorter – Rename Photos by Date Taken

AmoK Exif Sorter is a Free and Portable Exif Data Sorter, Exif Data Rename, and Exif Data Search Tool created by Andreas Krist. It can be used to Organize or Sort Pictures. It works by allowing you to Move, Copy or Rename Photos by Exif Data. For example Rename Photos by Date Taken, baby pictures taken January 2012 could be moved to a folder named Baby-Jan-11 and or photos renamed by template “year-month-day_time_some-text” could result in file names like 2012-01-29_11:25_baby.png.

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Advanced Renamer – File and Folder Renaming

Advanced Rename - File and Folder Renaming

Advanced Renamer is a Freeware Portable File and Folder Renaming utility created by Kim Jensen. It can be used to batch rename multiple files and or folders at once. Advanced Renamer features undo capability, MP3 and Tag Rename, EXIF Rename, and a multitude of other file renaming methods. It also incorporates a real time preview of what will be renamed.

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