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OCript – File Encryption and Decryption Tool


OCript “OCriptDecript” is a Freeware Portable File Encryption and Decryption tool created by Omar Pessoa. It can be used to Encrypt Files, helping to keep your data secure and protect it from prying eyes. The files that are Encrypted can be Decrypted using the same tool. Additional features include the ability to Encrypt or Decrypt Files using a new file name or to overwrite the existing file.

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Portable Blowfish Advanced CS – File Encryption

Blowfish Advanced CS - Portable File Encryption

Blowfish Advanced CS is a Free and Portable File Encryption Program created by Markus Hahn. It can be used to encrypt and protect files with a key built from a password, keeping everyone but you from accessing the contents of the protected files. Blowfish Advanced CS also includes a feature to erase or Wipe files that are no longer needed, making the data from them irrecoverable.

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Handy Encryption – Free File Encrypter

Handy Encryption - Free Portable File Encrypter

Handy Encryption is a Free File Encrypter offered by ApiMash of InstallWHAT. This Portable File Encrytion Software can be used to secure or prevent important files from being read or modified by using AES-256 bit + Password hashing encryption. Once a password is set, the data in the file can only be decrypted by entering the correct password via the same Handy Encryption Tool.

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