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Edit Startup Programs – Autostart Viewer

Autostart Viewer by DiamondCS is a Free Software that enables you to Disable or Edit Startup Programs or Autoruns (applications that are started when Windows starts). By running the tool, you can view the details of all running autostarts on your system and then choose to modify, edit, disable or delete the programs from starting with Windows. Autostart Viewer is completely stand alone or portable, requiring no installation to the PC.

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WhatInStartup – Remove Startup Programs

WhatInStartup is a Free Startup Manager that can be used to Manage, Disable or Remove Startup Programs that Start with Windows. The utility displays any applications that are loaded automatically when Windows starts up. A user can then delete or disable any of these programs from running at Windows startup. The Startup Manager also features a permanent disable option to keep any program from ever loading at startup again.

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