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CrystalMark – Free System Benchmark

CrystalMark is an all-in-one Free System Benchmark Tool. It is a total system benchmarking software application that can be used to test your CPU, HDD Memory and GDI, Direct Draw, OpenGL Video Card. Detailed benchmark reports can be saved as a text or HTML file. CrystalMark also doubles as a system hardware information tool and can be stored and run entirely from a portable device.

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CrystalDiskMark – Disk Benchmark

CrystalDiskMark is a simple and Free Portable HDD Disk Benchmark or Hard Drive Benchmark tool. It can be used to test sequential, and random 4k and 512k read and write speed of local, external or networked hard drives in a range of sizes. The benchmark results can then be copied and stored to a text file.

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PC Wizard – Portable Diagnostics and Benchmarking

PC Wizard is yet another great portable diagnostics and benchmarking utility that includes some great tools. It can detect an analyze computer hardware, display complete system information and even benchmark parts of your computer system. PC Wizard is multilingual and supports English, French, German, Serbian, Slovak, Russian and Greek languages.

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