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Advanced Renamer – File and Folder Renaming

Advanced Rename - File and Folder Renaming

Advanced Renamer is a Freeware Portable File and Folder Renaming utility created by Kim Jensen. It can be used to batch rename multiple files and or folders at once. Advanced Renamer features undo capability, MP3 and Tag Rename, EXIF Rename, and a multitude of other file renaming methods. It also incorporates a real time preview of what will be renamed.

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Rename Multiple Files with Rename Master

Renaming Many Files with Rename Master

Rename Master is a Portable and Free Multiple File Renaming Tool. Created by JoeJoeSoft, Rename Master can rename multiple files (Batch Rename many files) within seconds. Features include the ability to replace, append or remove parts of the filename of all selected files. In addition advanced features allow for MP3 tag, JPEG JFIF and EXIF tag renaming.

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